Cathy is a professional elementary teacher of 17 years with a Master's Degree in Education. While teaching in North Vancouver, BC she attended a Canine First Aid course to learn how to care for her English Labrador Randall in an emergency. As an educator and dog lover, Cathy immediately saw the incredible value of learning about prevention, preparation, and handling K9 illnesses and injuries until vet care is available. In 2011, she became certified by the Dogsafe Authorized Instructor program and has taught K9 first aid courses to dog professionals and dog lovers ever since.

Returning to her family roots in Ontario in 2018, Cathy decided to change her career path and expand her services in the K9 industry by launching SafeK9 Professional Dog Services in Midland, ON. SafeK9 provides Kennel Free dog daycare, SafeK9 First Aid courses, Bite Prevention workshops for children, and Pets & Essential Oil classes. 

Cathy shares her life with a 13 year old fawn pug named Midge, and a 4 year old Labrador named Silas.  Her love of dogs began in childhood, however, it wasn’t until she had her own dog after graduating from university, that she realized what her life had been missing. In the fall of 2002, an 8 week old English Labrador won her heart. She called him Randall.  Dill, for short. 

With her experience as an educator, and her love and passion for all things dogs, Cathy looks forward to caring for the canines in her community and supporting their guardians in the health and happiness of their beloved family members.




  • Dogsafe Canine First Aid Certification, 2010

  • Dogsafe Canine First Aid Authorized Instructor Certification, 2011

  • Doggone Safe Instructor Certification, 2011

  • Owned and Operated Keep Your Dog Safe - K9 First Aid & Bite Prevention, 2011-2018

  • Dog Trainer Walk into Excellence Conference, 2014

  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology Instructor Veterinary Hospital Assistant program, Centre for Arts and Technology, 2014

  • Dog Daycare Attendant Watson’s Hound Lounge, 2014

  • Pet Food Consultant, Bosley’s Pet Foods, 2013

  • Owner and Operator, SafeK9 Professional Dog Services

  • Creator and Instructor, SafeK9 First Aid & SafeK9 Bite Prevention, 2019

  • Owner and Manager, SafeK9 Kennel Free Dogcare, 2019



Born and raised in Midland, my first dog came into my life the week I was born, and my love for canine companions only grew from there. Connecting with dogs has always come naturally for me and I feel truly blessed to be able to include my passion into a career. There is no greater feeling to me than seeing a challenged dog overcome its challenges and learn to live their best life!

My main man, and dog Eddie, is a shining example! We spent the past year hiking with Tiny Tay Pack Hikes (off-leash hikes specializing in dog reactivity and fear, based in Tiny, Ontario), to work on his socialization challenges. With consistency and socialization work, and the additional support of the SK9 Essential oil Copaiba Eddie is on his way to being an emotionally balanced and well socialized dog!

When I’m not enjoying my time with my dog friends alongside Cathy at SafeK9, I own Sincerely Yours - Sincerely Dog - a small business creating quirky wares for dog lovers, as well as personalized bandanas and collar accessories for your canine companions. Over the summer months, I travel around to vendor events hosted by agility clubs and the dog community throughout Ontario customizing bandanas on the spot and selling a variety of handmade items. The highlight of these events is truly making new fur-friends!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media at https://www.facebook.com/SincerelyYoursMidland/  or go directly to my etsy store to shop for that special dog or dog lover in your life. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SincerelyDog




Nicole Davidson is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, a dog lover, and memory maker. She and her husband moved to Lafontaine in 2017 and officially moved into their newly built a home in October 2018. Not even a week after moving into their new house, they found their first family dog — eager for the addition to the family was an understatement. Nicole has been a dog mom to an energetic German Shepherd named Bow since 2018, and has had family dogs and pet responsibilities her entire life.


The first family dog was introduced when Nicole was 3 years old, a german shepherd/lab mix named Lucky—  ultimately this defined the spark in canine connection with Nicole.  In Nicole’s free time, she loves going on hikes with Bow and other dog friends. In the off-season Nicole and her husband go to the beach with Bow for the sunsets and some ball time.  Nicole and her husband have free range chickens that also get herded and protected by Bow.


When Nicole is not at SafeK9 having fun with all the daycare dog friends, she is at home editing/doing admin for her own business (Nicole Davidson Photography) or on location capturing a session or wedding.  Nicole will always be thrilled when clients bring their pets to their sessions!  Nicole truly treasures the work that goes on at SafeK9, she finds it rewarding to participate in creating a safe and fun environment for other people’s dogs to thrive in. 

For more information on Nicole Davidson Lifestyle Photography visit:




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