With SafeK9, you will find everything your dog needs. With over 10+ years of experience teaching K9 first aid courses, two welcoming furry assistants, and a cozy dog-friendly home and facility. SafeK9 strives to provide exceptional care, treating your dog as her own. Whether you’re traveling, away on vacation, or just out for the day. We ensure your dogs have plenty of love, snuggles, fresh air, mental stimulation, and exercise.

Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, or needs, SafeK9 services can be customized specifically for them. Get in touch with SafeK9 today with any questions about how we can help with your dog care needs safety and well-being!

Kennel Free Daycare 
-  by appointment only

  • All day indoor and outdoor social play, and nap times, with doggy pals.

  • Access to our indoor and outdoor chill zones when requested or preferred

  • Daily head to tail assessments checking for irregularities or health concerns (i.e. ear infection, broken nail, lumps or bumps).

  • Access to all the comforts of our indoor dog spaces equipped with plenty of snuggle space on our futons and heated rubber floors.

  • Plenty of toys and interactive fun!

  • Calming dog safe essential oil diffusion throughout our facility.

A group of dogs playing outside in the grass.

Please contact Cathy to set up a free 30-minute consultation to discuss yours, and your dog(s) daycare needs.


*Note: We reserve the right to refuse any dog for our kennel free daycare

Two dogs socializing.

SafeK9 First Aid Course (Groups of 6-12)


Cathy has taken pride in offering quality K9 First Aid training to dog lovers and professionals for over 7 years.  Join her for a fun and comprehensive day learning indispensable skills to keep you, and your beloved dogs safe until professional veterinary care is available.  


Topics included but not exclusive to are:

  • prevention and emergency preparedness,

  • canine body language,

  • k9 emergency response plan,

  • poisoning, drowning, impalement's, heatstroke, seizures, wound care, and much more.  


Gain the confidence to handle any K9 emergency or illness. Register today!

*Pet professionals insured by Trushield receive a $26/year discount on their business insurance for a 3 year period, commencing upon proof of SafeK9 First Aid certification, and expiring on the same date as the first aid certification expires. That means over a 3 year period the discount would cover roughly 75% of the cost of the first aid course!

*Additional charges may apply for travel and location rental if applicable.  For more information on booking a private SafeK9 First Aid course please contact Cathy at or (705) 506-0372


Note: A private course may become available to the public. Any public courses will be listed under our upcoming course dates and are open for registration.

Min/Max Number of Spaces: 1-12

Length/Duration: 6.5 hours (available in 2 or 3-hour sessions at Fuller Avenue location only)

Location: 585 Fuller Ave, Midland, Ontario L4R 5G3

SafeK9 First Aid Training is now available for 1-12 people!

Book your PRIVATE Pet First Aid training dates today!

Inquire about our online training package


SK9 Bite Prevention Workshop (Groups of 6-12)

SafeK9’s Bite Prevention Workshop is a dog bite prevention program for school-age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language, how to act safely around both their own dog and strange dogs, and how to stay safe.

Cathy believes that children and dogs can be the greatest of friends and keeping them both safe is of high importance.  She has been a Dog Bite Prevention Educator with Doggone Safe for many years and she has taught the “Be A Tree” Workshop in BC public schools and at the BCSPCA summer camp programs.  Cathy is pleased to be offering this workshop in Simcoe County.  


Duration/Length: 2 hours

Times: 9:00am – 11:00am (held on a Saturday)

Location: 585 Fuller Ave, Midland, Ontario L4R 5G3

*Private workshops available upon request. Please contact SafeK9 for details. 

A group of small dogs in the snow wearing their coats.

SafeK9 Sniffspot Private Dog Park & Trail


Looking for a peaceful place to play and explore with your pup privately? Have a dog that needs space? Traveling to our area from out of town? Want a playdate with your dog’s pals without running into others? Do you own a dog business and need a safe place to walk or train your dog clients?


SafeK9’s forested private dog park & trail is located on over 40 acres of land nestled between the two beautiful Georgian Bayside towns of Midland and Penetanguishene. 


Here your dog will get all the intriguing sniffs they desire! Regularly hiked by our SafeK9 daycare clientele, there's plenty of scents and nature on our trail to keep your dog’s nose, and in turn, their mind busy getting much needed mental stimulation. After all, it's just as important as the physical for a happy and healthy dog!


Hot day? Dog need a dip? They can splish, splash and meet the frogs in one of the 2 ponds located trailside. 


We believe every dog deserves a time to run and frolic without the restriction of a leash. We are blessed to be able to provide that opportunity to you and your dog to bond without the stress of running into other pooches and people.   


To book your private time visit

Search ‘SafeK9 Private Dog Park & Trail’



Happy Sniffin’!

Yellow lab enjoying the leaves on the ground in Fall.
Yellow lab enjoying the leaves on the ground in Fall.

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Two dogs running around in the snow.
Two dogs running around in the snow.

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A pug hanging out on a tree stump.
A pug hanging out on a tree stump.

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Yellow lab enjoying the leaves on the ground in Fall.
Yellow lab enjoying the leaves on the ground in Fall.

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