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Curious about all the buzz around
Essential Oils and Pets?

SK9 Essentials offers natural ways to support your pets emotions, behaviour, or health and wellness.Book a free 30 minute consult to discuss your pet’s needs and get a free sample of DoTERRA Essential Oil to try!  


Learn about the benefits of using essential oils, and how to use them safely with your pets by attending our upcoming SK9 Essentials workshops!

SK9 Essentials Consultations
•Free 30 minute consult about your pet
•Includes one Free sample of Essential Oil
By Appointment Only


SK9 Essentials Workshops
Interested in learning more about essential oils & pets?  Sign up for an upcoming Online workshop!
*Dates To Be Announced


SK9 Essentials Massage
Canine massage can benefit our dogs in so many ways. Stress and anxiety reduction, improved body functions, better overall well-being, a healing aid for stiffness and injuries, and can strengthen the bond between human and dog. 30 min & 60 min massages available. SK9 Essentials Oil treatment for an additional fee.
•By appointment Only